Rihanna Inspires A Weird Meme About Not Wearing Pants And Loving Hockey [Sugar Binge]

After posting a picture of herself on Twitter sporting a hockey jersey and no pants, Rihanna started a new meme in which hockey fans take pictures of themselves wearing no pants called “#Rihannaing.”

Just an average Tuesday night…. #Rihannaing with my Chicken McNuggets.” –@MsJessicaDobson

“I guess we need this now more than ever. #Rihannaing #instantregret” – @CassiieD

• According to a recent pole most women don’t mind dating outside of their race because why should you care unless you were a weirdo? 

“The survey, conducted by Oxygen Media in conjunction with the premiere of their new dating show Find Me My Man found that 90% of Latina and African American women and 85% of white women had no problem with the concept of having a future partner that was not the same race as them.”

Here’s to mixing it up, ladies.

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• Farrah Abraham has admitted to having a sex tape but is demanding millions of dollars for it.

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