14 Ryan Lochte GIFs JEAH! [Gallery]

Today is Ryan Lochte appreciation day. We couldn’t be more excited about Ryan’s new reality show, “What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” The guy is just so – what’s the word? – big and stupid. I am pretty sure 90% of the things he says are just made up words and Ryanisms that don’t add up to anything remotely coherent. I mean, the guy looks up to Kim Kardashian as a reality star role model. He said, “I have the most respect for her with her business and what she’s done. She started from nothing and now look at her. You can ask anyone and they’re going to know who she is. She’s handled herself really well throughout the years of doing her own show. She’s a star.”

Yeah, Kim Kardashian started from nothing but extreme wealth, luxury and connections into the entertainment industry. Yep, Ryan is, like, so smart, y’all.

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