11 Tips to De-Stress Yourself During Finals Week

As I happily sit on my couch in my pajamas typing away, I am so happy I graduated a semester early! Although I very much miss my college friends and the random adventures I had with them, I certainly don’t miss the studying part — especially studying for finals! At my school, we had a reading week, and I remember I would still get up by 7AM everyday and study with intermittent breaks until at least 1AM. Since I studied so much during the week, by the time Friday came around, I would be ready for all my finals for the next week and would relax over the weekend. Yes, I was pretty hardcore. It’s actually slightly disgusting now that I think of it.

Anyways, you may be asking yourself, how I managed to stay sane studying for all those hours. Well, truth is that I managed to stay sane by indulging in some tried and true stress busters. Here I’ve rounded up some of the most useful tips for you on how to de-stress yourself and stay on track so you can get all your studying done, stay sane, and ace those finals!

1. Make a study schedule! ¬†Trust me. This may appear like it would stress you out more, but if you stick to it, it’s awesome! Take the amount of hours/days you have to study. Break up that time appropriately between all your subjects (if one subject needs more time, then give it more and give another less), and write down exactly what you plan to accomplish during that time. ¬†For example, don’t just write down, “Study Anatomy.” It needs to be more specific. Instead, write something like, “Look up definitions of all the words on the study-guide for Anatomy.”

While making your schedule, you need to leave time for breaks! This is a MUST!!!!! Identify the time you work best at. For me, I can be really productive from 7 AM to about 12 PM. During that time, I take a 10 minute break every hour. As the day goes on, I tend to take 15 minute breaks every 45 minutes…

2. Take a nap! Since I wake up at like seven, by the time noon rolls around, I am starving. Then, I tend to eat a lot and a food coma develops. I usually just stop studying and take a nap because here is my logic. If you are dog-tired, anything you attempt to study, really isn’t going to register in your mind anyways. Remember one thing while you’re studying for finals and you will have very less stress: It’s quality, not quantity that matters! If you have to reread the same sentence 6 times before understanding it, shut your books and take a nap!

3. A great way to de-stress is eat healthily! Note the emphasis on HEALTHY. Snacking on junk food because you don’t want to stop studying to make/get yourself food is the worst idea possible. Eating good food will make you feel better, lessen your stress, and keep your stomach feeling fuller longer so you can concentrate. Plus, eating junk food just makes you lethargic!

4. Take a bubble bath/shower. I usually take a shower during the morning but during reading week, I always shifted my showers to the night right before I went to bed. The warm water is a great way to relax all those tense muscles, and allow the stress of the day to just wash away! I also would put these lavender chamomile scented bath salts into my shower and it would smell heavenly! Actually, research studies show that the smell of lavender decreases stress.

5. Along the same lines of schedule study breaks, schedule some time to go out! Leave that dorm room or library niche. Get some fresh air. Remember what the outside world looked like. Go outside, and take long, deep, breaths.

6. If you need an excuse to leave your room, go outside and jog! Exercise is a wonderful stress reliever because of all the endorphins it releases! If you don’t like to jog or exercise (although you should and I recommend it), then just go for a walk to clear your mind. Trust me. You’ll be able to concentrate much better when you come back.

7. Try out some yoga! I have always been meaning to.

8. Okay, this one might not work for everyone so beware. I had four midterms and a presentation due over the span of two days and I had two days to do everything (this is not due to procrastination, this is due to the fact that these classes still give homework a day before exams!). I started freaking out. My friend poured me like half a glass of wine. After drinking it, I was able to calm down, get all my studying and work done, and fyi, I still got good grades.

9. Remember to set the coffee down occasionally, and pick up some water or even tea for that matter! STAY PROPERLY HYDRATED.

10. This is probably one of my favorite things to do during finals week. If there was a point where I just couldn’t concentrate anymore, I would put on my favorite song, and just dance around my dorm room. Yes, this is cheesy but you would be surprised as to how efficiently it works! It makes you feel better and even…happier!

11. Okay, this may be expensive, but if you can get your friends to do it, it may be cheaper…get a massage! During finals week, my school gives out free 10 minute Shiatsu massages to students on a certain day. OMG. Sadly, that massage was the highlight of my finals week…so worth it.

Okay, there you have it guys. The ways I stayed sane. Just remember one thing: all you have to do is pass your finals and then it’s summer. Please feel free to comment below and add your own ways of maintaining sanity aka de-stressting yourself during finals week!

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