The 7 Most Atrocious Failed Reality TV Shows

Merriam-Webster defines “Reality TV” as television programming that features videos of actual occurrences (as a police chase, stunt, or natural disaster). The truth is, reality TV, while rarely depicting natural disasters, is often a disaster in itself. If you told someone who hadn’t watched TV for roughly 20 years that actual shows exist where people drink, yell at each other, fight, date, and pretty much do whatever they want, that person would probably think you were crazy. The first reality TV show premiered in 1948 with Candid Camera, but I think it’s safe to say that the nature of the genre has become a little less candid and a little more ridiculous.

But, luckily for us and our guilty pleasures (but maybe unfortunately for the good of society), reality TV is in full swing in this decade of the 2010s. We’ve got The BachelorReal Housewives, and even Splash, an ABC reality show where celebrities attempt to become skilled at diving (yep, I felt the same way when I heard about it).

Under the surface of our contempt for really bad reality TV, there’s always that little flicker of feeling that’s like “this show is so bad it’s actually good.” We love to hate the shows that are so bad you just can’t turn them off. If you agree, check out our list of the Best Failed Reality TV Shows!

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The “GBF” Trailer Looks Amazing, Fingers Crossed the Movie is Actually Good
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