The 10 Laugh-Til-You-Cry Funniest Videos on YouTube


Watching funny YouTube videos has become a daily activity for most people, including myself. I love catching up on those Google Chrome commercials that mess with my emotions ridiculously and yet restore my faith in humanity at the same time. I’m also a sucker for a good goat video. What better way to waste, er I mean pass, the time than watch a video of a pair of unusual animal friends interacting?

In honor of this awesome pastime that YouTube has allowed us to have and share with anyone that’s within the vicinity of our computers, here’s a list of the Funniest YouTube Videos on the internet right now!

1. “I Knew You Were A Goat When You Walked In”

I don’t really know what to say about this video other than the fact that it has made me laugh without fail every time I watch it. There have been so many videos responding to this one, putting different sounds into that spot in the song, but something seems to work so well as that goat.


2. “”

At first glance, it does seem awful to laugh at the misfortune of this adorable little girl. But her sister’s reaction at what happens and the overall main event of the video make it pretty darn difficult not to laugh.


3. “Funniest Game Show Answers of All Time”

Seeing someone give a ridiculous response on a game show just makes watching it all the more entertaining. One of the best was the kid on “Jeopardy” whose “Final Jeopardy” answer was “Some guy in Normandy. But I just won $75,000!” Luckily, someone compiled the most hilarious game show answers throughout the years.


4. “Denver Guilty Dog”

The little guy just feels so bad for eating that bag of treats. Check out his reaction when he’s confronted about his bad behavior.


5. “Kangaroo (Rémi Gaillard)”

If you’ve never heard of Rémi Gaillard, he’s this awesome French comedian who basically does whatever hilarious thing he wants. All of his videos are hilarious, but this one features him in a kangaroo suit, reeking havoc on anyone around.


6. “The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger”

The narration for this video is just too good. That is all.


7. “My Push up Bra will help me get my man”

I could not watch this video without laughing if you paid me.


8. “What Are This?”

Jenna Marbles usually comes up with some pretty hilarious things to put into her weekly videos. But this is by far the most random and funniest that I’ve seen in a while. Watch her literally put her dog in a bunch of places in her house and say “What Are This?” in a weird voice.


9. “The NFL: Bad Lip Reading”

If you haven’t heard of “Bad Lip Reading,” welcome to the one of the best series of videos on the internet. Make sure to check out the Ron Paul one as well!


10. “Evolution of Dance”

Dancing like no one is watching is an understand for this dude. I have so much respect for him and this performance. On my to do list: learn this dance. This whole dance.


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