7 Signs You’re a S.W.U.G (That Is: Senior Washed-Up Girl)

You know, the saying “you learn something new every day is” is inexplicably true, especially when you have the internet. Not a day goes by without me hearing some new, obscure term or observing the latest memes. Well, today I decided to share with you guys a particularly relevant acronym — S.W.U.G.

S.W.U.G. stands for “senior washed up girl”, and it’s a term that’s been made popular by seniors at Yale to refer to senior girls that have just given up on the social aspects of college life. Um, the last time I checked I thought this was called senioritis aka growing up, but hey what do I know?

Since many of you may be as confused as I am about what exactly being a S.W.U.G. entitles, here’s a list of seven signs that you are suffering from S.W.U.G.-iness…

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