A DIY 3-Strap Bra is the Answer to All Your Backless Top Problems! [DIY with CC]

So, I think this week’s DIY is brilliant! I hope everyone agrees because this is a problem I struggle with when the weather gets warmer. I have a lot of shirts that are either backless or have a very low cut back, and I am not a big fan of exposing the back of my bra or going bra-less. It just looks too scandalous for me, so when I stumbled upon this DIY on GirlsGuideTo to jazz up the back of the bra so it looks stylish and classy, I jumped on it. Try it out and tell me how you like it!


-a strapless bra in your size (preferably pick one with boning in the side so it does not collapse on itself.)

-the detachable straps from the bra + 1 extra (or just simple black elastic will do)

-fabric scissors

-needle and thread or sewing machine


1. Start off by cutting the back of the bra off 1.5cm from the boning.

2. Use the back piece of the bra as a template to cut the three straps to length, allow 2cm extra in case.

3. Lay the bra face up and lay the straps on top face down.

4. Stitch the straps down on the back side of the boning.

5. Then fold the 1.5cm back and stitch on the front side of the boning.

6. Safety pin the other side and try the bra on to make sure it fits. Remember you need to get it on and off so don’t make it too tight, but then again you don’t want it falling off!

7. Repeat steps 3 to 5, trim off the excess and you’re done!

Photos and Idea Courtesy of GirlsGuideTo!

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