Why Was Clint Eastwood at Coachella? [Photos]

I’m extremely jealous of anyone who gets to go to awesome music festivals in their free time, especially Coachella. Coachella seems like it would be quite the interesting experience. Emphasis on the interesting. There’s a huge crowd of people there, with music-lovers coming from all over to hang out and enjoy being there, Woodstock-style.

There’s also a whole slew of celebrities who attend the Cali event, as we know as we jealously look at our Twitter feeds and find out that yet another A-lister will be there. But there’s one Hollywood celeb that would probably be on the top of my list of “Celebs Who Wouldn’t Be Caught Dead at Coachella.” He’s a guy that, from my own personal image of him, would rather be yelling at the neighbor’s kids and doing some woodwork in the garage while a Bruce Springsteen song plays on the radio (shout-out to his Chrysler SuperBowl commercial).

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Yup, Clint Eastwood is at Coachella. He’s there with his daughter, Francesca, which I think its pretty darn cute. The guy’s a pro in Hollywood, as he’s been acting since the ’50s, and can do whatever he wants. But going to a music festival in California, especially Coachella, is just not something I would expect. Frankly, I still expect him to be sitting on his porch yelling at passers-by Gran Torino-style. For some reason, even though I know that he’s only acting in that movie, I still feel like that’s his life.

Anyway, in order to understand just why Clint would want to spend his time at Coachella, I’ve come up with some hypotheses. Here are the Five Reasons Clint Eastwood Went to Coachella.

1. The dude has a passion for Passion Pit. I’ll admit, I’m still a big fan of Sleepyhead and I wouldn’t judge Mr. Eastwood for hitting up Coachella to see it live.

2. He has a secret love of boho clothing. Hollywood can be so critical of a star trying to reinvent his/her style, so why not come to Coachella and live out your fashion dreams vicariously through the crowd?

3. He really wanted to spend some time with Usher and David Hasselhoff. Who knows. The Sun got a pretty epic photo of them all hanging out. Friendships are formed when we least expect them, even between a 34-year-old R&B singer, a Baywatch star, and an 82-year-old pro actor and director. Rapper Tinie Tempah also got in on this photo. Maybe he and Clint go way back?

4. He wanted to tell them to turn the music down. Sorry, this one’s a joke, but I still see him on the porch of that house yelling mean things!

5. He just really enjoys carnival games.

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