Watch Amanda Bynes Suck On A Sour Patch Kid And Dance In This Disturbing Video


The Amanda Bynes saga continues as she either trolls us or proceeds to have some sort of mental breakdown. It’s still unclear because, to be honest, she hasn’t been seen or reported to be doing any kind of illegal drugs. She mostly just appears to be acting like a weirdo. She Tweets about Drake having a “eyes for days,” about losing weight and “Twerking Out,” and all of the paparazzi photos of her are just pictures of her walking around making funny faces (which I am sure most people make funny faces when they are walking around). The whole situation feels ambiguous and I am not weeding out the possibility of it being an epic publicity stunt to stay relevant.

In her latest antic she sucks a sour patch kid and dances whilst making funny faces in her bathroom.

Last night she tweeted:

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