20 Pictures That Prove College Doesn’t Teach You How To Be A Real Grownup

College provides a necessary piece of paper that tells people you can put, at the very least, a minimal amount of discipline and effort into something. It’s not as if any of your prospective employers are privy to the courses you took or how you performed in them. What we really learn in college is how to engage in an excess of debauchery and still wake up at a reasonable hour. What we learn – what I learned – is how to make toast on a coffee maker. What we learn is how to skim large textbooks and articles just enough to convince our profs that we did the reading. What we learn is how to party. What we don’t learn is how to be a real grownup. You know how to pay bills, be self-sufficient, not fall asleep in bathrooms – that stuff. I think these 20 pictures prove that college fails at getting us ready for the adult world.

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