Watch The Red Band Trailer For New Netflix Horror Series ‘Hemlock Grove’ [Sugar Binge]

The new red band trailer of Hemlock Grove features a disclaimer saying, “The following trailer is restricted to Mature Audiences only by Netflix Inc. for Mild Fornication, Fellatio, Heavy Cocaine Use, Lesbian Necrophilia, and Violent Hemorrhaging.” It looks like a mix between American Horror Story, The Vampire Diaries and soft core porn. Can’t wait to watch.


There is this crazy unfounded rumor about their being a new season of Friends in 2014. 

Bradley Cooper has been living with his mom for two years. So much fun to date, I bet.

Texting is making you dumber because you don’t do anything but texting!  According to a recent study:

“We found women who spend more time using some forms of media report fewer academic behaviors, such as completing homework and attending class, lower academic confidence and more problems affecting their school work, like lack of sleep and substance use,” said [lead study author, Dr. Jennifer] Walsh, adding that the study was one of the first to explore mechanisms of media effects on academic outcomes.”

Focus ladies.


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