Here’s What Guys REALLY Want in a Girlfriend

YourTango has just been on a roll lately. As I’ve said in other dating/romance posts, I hate general dating advice, because everyone is different. However, some of their articles lately are containing healthy and dare I say, great advice, for women. When I saw the title The Top 10 Qualities Men Are Secretly Looking For In A Girlfriend I literally rolled my eyes and thought, “here we go..”

But, the article clearly states, “Most guys aren’t looking for a supermodel.” That got me hooked. They listed ten qualities women should ponder that men find irresistibly attractive when executed correctly. My faves? Confidence and Spontaneity. Both things I think I personally need to work on. The article makes a lot of sense. Stop asking him if you look fat in a certain outfit, or if you need to do more squats. He obviously is already attracted to you, and constantly second-guessing your appearance is going to take a toll on his perception. Be confident and he’ll notice.

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Did you find any good tips for your problem areas? Are you going to follow the advice? Tell us below!

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