Jemima Kirke Of “Girls” Does Scandalous Bridal Photo Shoot

I really love when there are shocking advertisements that are effective but also challenge social issues. They pull double duty, and it shows that businesses aren’t afraid to show preferences on certain sides of issues, whatever side that may be; it gives them personality and character for consumers.  Girls star Jemima Kirke (Jessa) is pictured in an advertisement for Stone Fox Bride, an NYC-based wedding boutique (they feature beautiful wedding dresses that are in between hipster and hippy). The catch? She’s kissing another woman! Check it out below:

Jemima is totes straight, she’s married to a lawyer, Michael Mosberg. So why is she featured in this ad? My guess? She knew it would draw attention to an issue that she cares about. She has kissed other women in the show already, so what is the difference for an advertisement that supports a cause she cares about?

It is great seeing celebs use their platform to help others and raise awareness or morale! Great job Jemima!

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