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5 Reasons Why You Should Be BFFs With Amanda Bynes


Until yesterday afternoon, we thought Amanda Bynes was a loner. She had cut off contact with her family but still claimed to have friends. But yesterday, the former Nickelodeon star was spotted strolling around NYC with a blonde friend. Sources say the friend waited for Amanda outside her apartment, and then the two hung out for a bit around the city. They were spotted chatting and laughing together…and then walked to an ATM. Is this really Amanda Bynes’s friend? Or did she “rent” a friend? Maybe she just owed her friend some money?

Some might wonder why anyone would still want to be friends with Amanda Bynes. We’ve come up with a few reasons to be besties with the newest train-wreck on the block.

1. She’ll Make You Look Good

You can’t really do anything to outshine Amanda Bynes’s crazy. She will act, dress, walk, and breathe crazier than you. You’ll never have to worry about embarassing yourself or looking bad again!

2. You’ll Get Lots Of Attention

Head outside with Amanda and you’re bound to be a paparazzi magnet. This is perfect if you’re trying to break into the industry or gain some 15 minute fame. Maybe she’ll even tweet about you!

3. She Has Money

Yes she’s crazy but she still has some bucks in her bank account. Homegirl will pay for your lunches, brunches, and trips to the salon together. Maybe you could get matching bleach blonde locks.

4. You Can Help Her

Maybe you’ll be the one that she’ll listen to. Maybe you can get her some help. Those are “maybes” because it seems highly unlikely right now. But it’s still possible. Someone save Amanda Bynes!

5. She’s Amanda Bynes

Sure she’s fallen off the wagon, but she’s still Amanda Bynes. In case you’ve forgotten who that is, she was the funny child star who had her own TV show. She was the sister turned brother who fell in love with Channing Tatum in She’s The Man. She was the cute blonde who danced and sang in Hairspray. But she was also the girl who got arressted with a DUI. Either way, she’s a person. And everyone deserves a friend. Even if you make crazy YouTube videos sucking on sour patch kids.

UPDATE: Amanda Bynes Tweeted at us about this post: 

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