25 Life Lessons From 25 Famous Sluts

Slow your roll, we love sluts here. Ain’t nothing wrong with being a lady or gentleman on the streets and a freak between the sheets. Much like the famous Slut Walk Movement, we’ve taken back the term and completely neutralized it. Yeah, some people have hundreds of sexual partners, they’re sluts, big deal? It doesn’t matter if you’re bedpost has zero notches or 1,000 because it has so little to do with your self worth or quality of character. Of course, it’s women who get called sluts and who are shamed for being a prude or promiscuous and that’s truly terrible, which is why we’ve included a ton of men on this list. If we’re going to redefine the term as just: someone who happens to have slept with a lot of people (“a lot” is so subjective) then we simply must include slutty dudes.

From fictional characters to famous celebs the folks on this list are big fat sluts. We’ve brought you their wise words and life lessons in GIF form. Hey, if you’ve never been a slut then I guess, you’ve got a lot to learn from these folk.

Name: Gabrielle Solis (Desperate Housewives)

Slut Status: When her husband began to neglect her she started having an affair with her teenage gardener.

Occupation: Housewife of a desperate nature.

Lesson: There Is Wisdom In Sluthood

Name: Tyrion Lannister (Game Of Thrones)

Slut Status: The tiniest of the Lannister family also happens to be the most clever and the most slutty. Tyrion is known to hang around the brothels, winning the harlots over with his large brain and large endowments . . .

Occupation: Formerly Hand Of The King

Lesson: You Better Own It . . . Whatever “It” Is

Name: Marilyn Monroe

Slut Status: The iconic actress may have played ditzy blonds onscreen but was highly intelligent off. Still, she was known for her slew of famous boyfriends and affair with President John F. Kennedy.

Occupation: Actress / Fierce Lady

Lesson: Daytime Is For Working. Nighttime Is For Everything Else.

Name: John Mayer

Slut Status: Famous women can’t seem to stop dating this guy and John can’t seem to stop the word vomit about his exes, referring to Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm.”

Occupation: Singer / Womanizer

Lesson: Pain is Love. LOVE IS PAIN.

Name: Regina George

Slut Status: She was only half a virgin when she met Aaron Samuels but after breaking up and getting back together, she cheated on him with Shane Oman in the projector room above the auditorium.

Occupation: Queen Bee

Life Lesson: Compliment Your Friends, Even If You Don’t Mean It.

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Confirmed: “Pitch Perfect 2” Will Hit Theaters in 2015
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