Share Your Current Favorite Song With This Is My Jam [Web Spy]

There are few things in this world more annoying than having a song stuck in your head that just won’t go away (even if it’s awesome). For me, listening to the song over and over again usually helps get it out of my head. I think it has something to do with being able to control when I hear it, instead of it just popping into my head, especially at inappropriate or inconvenient times.

Now there’s a way to share what song you currently have stuck in your head – it’s called This Is My Jam.

Here’s the catch: you only get to share one song at a time (the website isn’t called “These Are My Jams,” after all). Choose your jam by completing a quick registration then searching the site for that one song you just can’t get enough of right now. This Is My Jam then pulls the cover art for the song, and you can customize the background and a caption if you’d like.

That’s it! Now you can just go to your home page, which has just the play button and pretty background and caption you chose, sit back and listen to your current favorite jam on repeat as much as you want to for the next week. Your jam lasts for a week, but if you get sick of it quicker than that, you can change your jam at anytime to that new favorite song.

Share your love for your jam by sending the link to your profile page out to your friends and on social media. You can also follow other This Is My Jam users (friends or strangers), to get suggestions for new music to listen to. You may even find your next jam!

I like the clean, simple design of This Is My Jam. As opposed to other social media sites, where we tend to post every single thing that we’re doing, listening to, watching, eating, reading, etc., it’s refreshing that This Is My Jam forces you to focus on just one thing at a time.

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