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The Director Of Bridesmaids Is Totally A Feminist [Candy Dish]


The director of Bridesmaids – a man – is totally a feminist. Paul Feig actually prefers the company of women and would like to place a few cracks in the Hollywood glass ceiling. “My goal is to keep breaking the door open wider so Hollywood doesn’t say, ‘No, you can’t star a woman in this.’ It’s not about whether or not it’s a women’s comedy or a men’s comedy … it’s just a comedy. I want the audience to go, ‘They’re funny, and I don’t care if they’re a man or a women, I’m going to go see [the film].’ Then we would have truly achieved something.” When asked if he was a feminist he didn’t hesitate to answer, “Yeah, oh very much so. Most of my friends are women. I’ve always just kind of hung out with them my whole life, to the point where I don’t even mix that well with guys who are hardcore, guy-ishness, I get very uncomfortable. I’d rather hang out with the ladies”

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