22 Photos of Adam Driver Being Weird Manfriends With Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson recently shot photos of Girls‘ Adam Driver for the current issue of British GQ, and the infamous photog posted them on his site today. We’ve all read about the creepy things that go on in Richardson’s studio — from accusations of models being pressured into sex to videos of Kate Upton shaking her boobs and shots of Rihanna getting high.

Not gonna lie, I’m kinda wondering what goes during a shoot when the subject is a guy. How much butt licking, battery eating, bro-hugging and t-shirt tearing goes down? According to these photos, a fair bit.

Here’s a sneak peek:


To see the full collection, check them out at Terry’s Diary. It’s about to get weird.

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Huge Explosion At West,Texas Fertilizer Plant [Candy Dish]
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