This Isn’t A Dream: Alcohol-Infused Dippin Dots Are Real

We all had a taste of (or begged our moms to let us try) Dippin’ Dots as kids. Those teeny balls of ice cream that make eating ice cream so much more fun. And while the official Dippin’ Dots franchise is less readily available since they filed for bankruptcy a few years back, one genius decided to do a little DIY and recreate our favorite childhood treat with a little added bonus: booze. That’s right, spiked ice cream balls.

A BAR, a restaurant and lounge in Washington, DC, is serving up these little treats. They call them “cyr0-spheres” and come in a variety of flavors like dark chocolate tequila and orange rum creamsicle. These “cyro-spheres” are made by slowly drizzling the mixed drink ingredients into liquid nitrogen. Looks like someone paid attention in chemistry class!

Watch below to see how this cool, boozy treat is made…

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