6 Things I Would Do With Amanda Bynes If We Were Friends

So, because Amanda seems to want to reciprocate the friendship CollegeCandy extended yesterday in 5 Reasons You Should Be BFFs With Amanda Bynes (she tweeted about it!), creating a list of things we’d do together as BFFs just feels right.

Being a fan of Amanda’s since her Nickelodeon days on The Amanda Show and All That, I’d obviously want to share a day of funtivities with the girl. But what would we do? All things Amanda, of course.

Here’s a list of things we’d end up doing together on our day of BFF bonding:

1. Talk about Channing Tatum.

Amanda got to play soccer with a shirtless Channing Tatum in She’s the Man. I think I’d know what one of our first topics of conversation would be.

2. Then talk about Drake.

If Amanda was willing to Channing Tatum-talk with me, I guess I’d give her some time to talk about her love for Drake (just leaving out the gory details of him “murdering” her down-there would be appreciated).

3. Get our cheeks pierced.

Sure, Amanda’s gotten it done already, but she could hold my hand while I cried through mine. Maybe she’d even be up for two more?

4. Eat Sour patch Kids and dance about it.

This one sounds pretty fun to me. She’s already tweeted a video of herself doing it, but if she’s gotten any Sour Patch Kids left in the bag, why not do Sour Patch Kids Dance Round 2?

5. Get some dancing lobsters and reenact Judge Trudy from The Amanda Show.

Sorry, this one’s just for me. It was one of my favorite parts of The Amanda Show.

6. Take selfies (obviously).

Have you seen the girl’s Twitter? She seems to have gotten the sacred practice of the selfie down pat and could probably give me a few pointers.

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