Azealia Banks’ “Yung Rapunxel” Video Is Full Of Illuminati Symbols [Listen To This]

I am not an illuminati conspiracy theorist but if I was, I would have so much fun overanalyzing this video for ridiculous symbolism. Look at the duality! Look at the evil eyes! Owls are totally freemasons! Look at how Azealia is rioting against the police. Is this part of the revolution to create a New World Order? The bull clearly represents the media bull pen who conspire to push their liberal consumer driven agenda about same-sex marriage and multiculturalism!

Anyway, the song is jamming. I’m talking BEATZ. It’s a bit of departure from her previous house, techno and ’90s sound but I am still digging the aggressive, neurotic beats.



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What Your Favorite Beyonce Song Says About You
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