5 Ways To Cure Boredom While Performing Oral [Sexy Time]

Sometimes, giving oral can be tedious for me. While I do enjoy doing it, I find my mind wandering sometimes. I can’t help it. The act of giving a BJ is not exactly rocket science, you know? Especially once you’ve been with someone for awhile, what they like and don’t like becomes second nature. I can only spend so much time alternating between making eye contact with my boyfriend and staring at his shaft before I start to get kind of bored. So I’ve come up with a few ways to subtly stymie any boredom that may crop up.

1. Put some music on.
Being able to distract yourself with some low-key mood music is always a good time. I highly recommend Justin Timberlake‘s 20/20 Experience. Nearly every song is around 8 minutes long, so pick a couple of your favorite jams and bam, you’ve already spent at least 15 minutes down there.

2. Do math problems.
I’ve always been very mediocre at math, so I stick to things like 1 + 2 + 3 +4 + 5, etc, but if you’re more proficient than I am, challenge yourself with some calculus or trig.

3. Plan your outfits.
Waiting until the morning when you’re half-asleep and totally indecisive is for the birds. Mentally rifle through your closet and start thinking of themes and/or pieces you’ll want to wear for the next few days.

4. Pretend you’re being filmed.
This is a pretty effective way to spice up the experience if you find yourself not as into it as you’d like to be. Not only does it add an element of fantasizing that could be a real turn-on for you, but it could also serve to amp your oral game up a bit. The idea of even a pretend audience is sometimes exactly what I need to spur my oral creativity. 

5. Wonder what Kim and Kanye are doing at this very moment.
This can provide endless entertainment, as the possibilities are endless. Are they eating? Where are they eating? What are they eating? Who is dominating the conversation? Do they even talk or do they just bask in each others’ egos? Do they argue about what they’re going to name their child? These questions are only scratching the surface. This is a veritable feast for thought.

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