Ace Your Class-To-Night Out Look [CC Beauty Live]

Hello CandyCanes! Welcome back to CC Beauty Live. Last week was my birthday so I spent the day shopping with my mom and my BFF, Jordan. We found this really awesome boutique that had pretty decently priced items and I got a little crazy with my spending, but I mean, it was my birthday. I did find this awesome vintage shirt and I really loved the way it looked on in the dressing room, but it wasn’t quite my style as I tend to dress on the edgier side of things.

Due to the persuasion of my best friend, I decided to buy it. Then, I thought it would be perfect for CC Beauty Live because I could show you guys two awesome ways to rock this 70s inspired shirt!

If distressed capris aren’t your thing (it’s still freezing in Nebraska!), then I thought the first look would be really cute with high waisted shorts and a bandeau top as well, think Coachella-chic, or something.

Watch below!

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