What Your Favorite Beyonce Song Says About You

Beyonce is pretty much the queen of music. It seems like nothing will slow her down, she’ll always gives 150%. Her songs have the ability to equally entertain and inspire listeners, which is a feat in pop music today. Your favorite Beyonce single can actually say a lot about you as well. What does your favorite song say?

“Dance For You”


What It Says About You: You embody the Beyonce-style feminism of reppin’ for you for your man but being a strong independent woman at the same time. Yeah you’ll play wifey but you never let him forget that you’d be ok on your own too.

“Say My Name” by Destiny’s Child


What It Says About You: You are probably a hipster. You always like an artist’s earlier work. They are just old enough to become retro and cool to you. Now that you’re older, you can fully appreciate their message.

“Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” & “Ring the Alarm”



What It Says About You: Someone just broke up with you. You’re alternating between feeling like an empowered woman and wanting to kill the fool who left you. Once your aggression has toned down and you’re tired from living it up at the club, you’ll reach the mellowed out “Irreplaceable” balance of the two extremes.

“If I Were a Boy”


What It Says About You: You don’t really like Beyonce. You might have seen it performed on Smash. Or heard Reba McIntire’s country-fried version (yes, it exists). However you heard it, recognize that this song is not it. Go listen to more Beyonce.



What It Says About You: You’re one of those people where everything in your life happens as BIG MOMENTS. Got an “A” on an intro Spanish test? That test was comparable to computer science. Tripped on the sidewalk? You fell down a mountain. This is the only song to capture your expansive emotions.

“Bow Down”


What It Says About You: You’re a true believer. Beyonce can do no wrong, even when she does. What is this song?! You can’t explain this song to others but you feel what she’s putting out there. Let the haters hate, you’ll still be Beyonce fabulous.



What It Says About You: You think you’re Sasha Fierce. You like that gritty Bey, not that sweet persona. Like Beyonce, you have the ability to be the good girl but you realize that’s boring. It’s fun to be a little nasty sometimes.

“Run the World (Girls)”


What It Says About You: You don’t need to be Beyonce to tell you that you’re amazing but you appreciate the support. You know that someday you’re going to rule the world, break that glass ceiling, and empower girls to do the same. You see Beyonce as fellow crusader in the fight against inequality.

“Crazy in Love”


What It Says About You: You’re not afraid to look crazy live out loud. You go for everything and put your best work in. You’re not afraid to let the world know how you feel and that’s a beautiful thing.

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