I Love You Boston: Amy Poehler On Spreading Postitive Messages in the Wake of Tragedy

In the newest episode of “Ask Amy”, Amy Poehler talks about positive messages. She gives her personal opinion about staying informed, wanting to know the story, but all without exploiting people.

I’ve seen some coverage this week where it felt like the media exploited people. Some interviews have been with families who have just lost someone. If they want to talk, that is completely fine. But the ones who don’t want to talk, shouldn’t have to deal with the media constantly prodding at them. At the same time, I don’t think the media is doing this to bring more pain to ones who have suffered. I believe the media is just like us. In fact, everyone is in the same position. We all want to understand.

It is hard to put the tragic events that occurred this week in Boston into words. We are sending prayers, peace, love, and strength to everyone affected by these events. We will support each other because we are all in this together. Stay strong Boston, we love you.

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