Boy Scouts Decide To Allow Gays To Join

While this is great news. If I were I gay I don’t know how stoked I would be to join an organization that just decided I was actually a human being. Furthermore, although it’s members can be gay it’s adult leaders have to be straight. Um, WTF? The New York Times reports, “The policy is incoherent. The proposal says, in essence, that homosexuality is morally acceptable until a boy turns 18 — then, when he comes of age, he’s removed from the Scouts,” said Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council. Would you care if your brother or friend joined the scouts knowing they had this weird policy? There are lots of BSA chapters that ignored this bigoted rule and let in whoever but I am sure there are some who enforce it and the organization as a whole enforces it.

•  We know things are still going down in Boston but there haven’t been any significant new discoveries. Be sure to keep checking CNN, MSNBC and your Twitter feeds! 

•  Radar is reporting Kim and Kanye may be on the outs.

•  Watch this news anchor rap, “Forgot About Dre”


•  Some sororities did a “homeless themed” party. The party was a bit mean-spirited given the context the student who sent the pictures to Jezebel gave.

“Just so you know, Bloomington, IN (home of IU) has a disproportionately high homeless population. They’re typically the target of a lot of shit from students. They get treated pretty badly. It’s actually really sad—one of the places homeless people tend to hang out is right across from the most popular student bar in Bloomington, and on pretty much any given night, you can hear students loudly ridiculing the homeless population while they sip their drinks. Students will be out canning for money for their big national philanthropies, but when a homeless person asks for a quarter, they’ll tell him or her to get a job.”

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