Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 19 [A Bro’s Thoughts]

It’s prom season in Mystic Falls, and as sappy and melodramatic as that sounds, surprisingly The Vampire Diaries strayed away from the teen angst and went with more violence and a nice subplot involving The Originals in “Pictures of You” to set up the backdoor pilot for next week. While the tuxedos were out and the prom dresses were way too nice for a bunch of high school seniors (immortal or not), there’s some serious endgame magic going on, and I’m ready for the end of this season.

In Which Klaus Is Probs Getting His Own Show So Make Sure He’s a Focal Point

There was major emphasis on The Original clan this week, mostly due to the fact that their spin-off kinda sorta starts next week. Pretty much, if enough people watch next week and give some positive feedback about Klaus’ little excursion down to New Orleans, then he’ll get his own show with Elijah and Rebekah, which is cool. However, I feel like he almost had too much going on in a single episode to fully appreciate the fact that we’re going to have a whole series dedicated to his awesomeness. While he didn’t murder anyone (groan) he had to deal with stingy siblings, Tyler Lockwood coming back to hit on Caroline, getting a note from Katherine leading to New Orleans and, finally, just being a total douchebag to Rebekah and Elijah because, you know, that’s how Klaus is. There’s really no way you can tell how an entire series with him as the focal point will turn out, but I’m reasonably sure that he’s gonna murder Tyler Lockwood and have to leave. But we’ll get to that later.

In Which Rebekah Tries To Be Human But Hasn’t Had a Soul For Millions of Years, So….

While I was really happy about the takedowns that Rebekah took like a champ throughout the episode for wanting to be human, I feel like it was a bit overdone. She’s a whiney bitch sure, but the rest of the Mystic Falls crew should have taken it down a notch. Like we get it, Rebekah went on some murder-sprees when you first met her and maybe killed/turned a couple of people you cared about. That doesn’t mean you gotta bring out the trash talk on prom night just so a girl knows what a bitch she is. Believe me, she knows. Anyway, I’m more intrigued now on why Rebekah is going to follow Klaus to New Orleans now that the cure is in the wild and Silas has it. Actually, now that I think about it, this is definitely how I feel about most of the episode. I’m just waiting for next week.

In Which Elena’s Emotions Are Annoying & The Salvatores Need To Give It Up

I get that Elena is the main character on the show, but I’m just not invested in her anymore. Seriously, if her rejecting Damon didn’t get him all riled up and contemplate murdering everyone at prom (even though he didn’t), I definitely wouldn’t care about her. She’s got absolutely nothing to offer anyone, like, ever except being a major bitch since her humanity’s turned off. It was fun for the last few episodes, but being the party pooper just wasn’t working this episode and I found her more of an annoyance and waiting to know if Bonnie was going to lose her shit and go all Carrie on the prom rather than if Damon & Stefan could figure out whether or not they should just snap Elena’s neck. Neck snapping should always be the first choice in Mystic Falls, not the second.

In Which Bonnie Is Having A Psychotic Break AND I LOVE IT

I really never cared about Bonnie Bennett, like, ever. She was just the token friend to me. I can say that because I’m pulling the race card. I’m black. Whatever. Deal with it. Anyway, after being delegated as the sidekick for so long, Bonnie’s magic has finally caught up with her, and not only is she probably going to kill herself in her sleep, but she practically murdered Elena twice, has seen Silas’ true face, and got her Demi Moore-Ghost on with Jeremy Gilbert’s dead fantasy bodysnatcher twin. (Really just Silas again, but that sounded cooler.) While I’ve been preaching all season that they’re stealing the Willow arc from Buffy Season 6 for Bonnie, Willz was never really THIS badass about everything, which has me holding out hope to see how far Bonnie’s going to go to really screw everything up in Mystic Falls. Apocalypse please? I love doomsday scenarios.

In Which Caroline Is Being Underutilized & It’s Depressing

Caroline really deserves a way better plot that just grubbing around and waiting for Tyler to show up every now and then to make out with her. The seeds have been planted for a quick fling with Stefan, but the writers seem to be ignoring that. The Klaus option has ALWAYS been there and reared its head tonight, but then the CW decided to give him his own show. Elena’s useless, Bonnie’s psychotic, Damon’s going to drink a lot, and well, that’s about it. I really hope Klaus murders Tyler at the end of the season so we can see Caroline truly lose it and maybe go on her own murder spree or downward spiral or SOMETHING. I get that this season is Bonnie’s for the taking, but maybe Season 5 can be more about Caroline? Yeah. That would be nice.

More and more, I feel like this episode was a big set up for the final four episodes of the season. Well, really three episodes since next week is The Originals‘ kinda sorta pilot. TVD seems to do that quite a bit when moving from storyline to storyline. They always have really raw set up episodes that get you into the thick of things. The series is in a super interesting place right now where it can either get really really good, or just tank so hard I won’t watch it next season. (God, please write Elena off the show. Please. It would be oh so amazeballs.) While it always seems to pull through, there’s a first time for everything to falter, and maybe this is the time for Mystic Falls. Check out the preview for next week below and let me know what you think about the episode in the comments or on Twitter.

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