These Baby Animal GIFs Will Make Your Heart Smile

These last few days have been rough for our country. With so many unfortunate events, I’ve found myself in a funk. The weather sucks and the news isn’t getting any better. Although there is nothing anyone can do to lessen the pain many around us are feeling, it never hurts to indulge in the “little things in life.”

So, take a few minutes and scroll through this adorable post filled with those “little” guys that always put a smile on our faces: baby animals. It’s not going to fix anything, but it will give us all a mental break I think we all deserve:

Everybody is in to baby otters nowadays…

…someone is a little happy to see you…

…I wouldn’t yell at a lil lion this cute even if he was chewing on my furniture…

…the ultimate cute overload…I want both of them…

…pup plus kittens? score.

…just look at his face…nuff said.

What baby animal cheers you guys up the most? Tell us below!

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