Nike Pulls “Boston Massacre” T-Shirt Because Yikes [Sugar Binge]

The t-shirt that features the words “Boston Massacre” had been produced long before the recent Boston bombings. The shirt actually references the 1770 Boston Massacre, which was an attack on civilians by British soldiers, prior to the American Revolution. Nike has decided to pull the shirt, which is probably the right thing to do considering such a slogan could be a trigger for many. According to ABC, “It’s not the first time Nike has felt the need to pull a product in the wake of a tragedy.  In February the  retailer pulled an ad featuring Olympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius with the caption “I am the bullet in the chamber,” after he was charged with shooting to death girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.”

What do you think? Is the shirt in poor taste considering recent events?

• For those who are still fans, Futurama was cancelled again

• Listen to Lana Del Rey’s new song, “Young and Beautiful” for the Great Gatsby soundtrack.

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Oh and speaking of the Gatsby soundtrack, Amy Winehouse’s father is not too pleased with Beyonce’s cover of “Back to Black.” 
“I don’t think she brings anything to it,’ he tells the Daily Mail but was willing to let them to it for a price. “For a price, of course,” he explains. “They have got to pay for the privilege, which is what they are doing. I can’t tell you how much it is but it’s a lot of money.”
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