They Are Trying To Steal Your Cigarettes, 18-Year-Olds [Sugar Binge]

Hide yo’ kids, hide yo’ wives, ’cause they trying to steal everybody’s cigarettes up in here. New York City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn, has proposed a measure that would raise the legal age to buy cigarettes in New York City from 18 years old to 21. Although it would be illegal for stores to sell to those between 18 and 21, it would not be illegal to smoke if you were between those ages. So, just bum a cig from your friends. Clearly, smoking is dangerous, unhealthy, etc., but I am sure everyone who smokes is more than aware of that. Is raising the age limit really a solution?

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• One of my best friends Lauren Hennessy wrote a great piece on the whole issue of “he” and “she” in the transgender community

“I’m a straight male who happened to be born in a female body. I know. I don’t really get it either. I started to understand when I found out the word for people like me: “transgender.” I thought, “We do exist!” Recently, transgender people like me began popping up in the media and probably in your social circles. We are no longer trying to hide who we are and assimilate quietly. Just as the gay rights movement reared its head in the late ’60s, we’re now seeing a similar movement of transgender people, straight and gay alike. We are asking to be referred to using the pronouns that match our gender identities. For me, although I look like a “girl,” that would mean referring to me using the words “he,” “him” and “his.”

Anyone you know can be trans, I personally think it’s important to be aware of all the different kinds of people around you and how they experience the world.

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