Watch The Bling Ring Trailer, Because Emma Watson’s Valley Girl Accent Is Killing Me Softly

WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF is this accent. Emma Watson is the most brilliant actress who has ever lived or the absolute worst thespian to cross the Potter pond. In either scenario, I am totally down to see this flick. The Bling Ring, directed by Sofia Coppola,  is based off of “actual events” where a bunch of Hollywood wannabes robbed the homes of famous celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Emma plays Alexis Neiers, who happened to star in the most ratchet, bratty, vapid reality show called Pretty WildAlexis and her sister were basically whored out by their mom to be, well, fame whores. They’d throw tantrums every episode and Alexis was a complete brat about her arrest. I recall one episode about how they were home-schooled by their mother whose lesson plan involved watching the self-help documentary The Secret and then making vision boards (collages) of Angelina Jolie because she is a real inspiration. Emma Watson’s performance definitely captures the short-sighted, vain essence of Alexis.


May I present you with the real Alexis Neiers 

Exhibit A 

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

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Where Are They Now: The Mighty Ducks
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