Try Glasses on Virtually With Ditto [Web Spy]

It’s no secret to anyone that knows me (or reads my posts) that I love to shop — and online shopping in particular holds a special place in my heart.

One thing I’ve never felt comfortable ordering online before, however, is sunglasses. I’m pretty picky about sunglasses since I don’t like how most types look on me, so trying them on before buying is absolutely essential.

That is, until now.

An awesome site I’ve recently discovered called Ditto allows you to try on sunglasses from the comfort of your living room – thanks to your webcam.

To get started using Ditto, all you’ll need is a webcam (built-in or external) and a standard credit card sized card to use as a measurement tool. Answer a few questions to help Ditto determine your face shape and what you’re looking for.

Then you can browse the site! Look through the pairs Ditto recommends for you based on your answers to their questions, or browse the hundreds of designer glasses on the site. So try some on, and get opinions from your friends by sharing via social media and email.  Once you find a pair you like, you can order them straight through Ditto – they offer free shipping and returns and a two-year warranty, so it’s pretty worry-free.

And Ditto isn’t just for sunglasses either – they also have lots of designer-brand regular glasses as well, in case you’re in the market for a new pair!

Ditto is more than just the coolest thing I’ve seen in a while – it’s completely changing the way we shop online. Here’s to hoping virtual fitting rooms are next!

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