Bikini Season Is Bullsh*t

Bathing suit season: three words that can either bring you great joy or extreme dread. This time of year, the “prep time,” for bathing suit season (as some people call it) is full of articles on how to get that bikini bod and look your best at the beach.

But, the truth is, everyone should feel comfortable no matter what “type” of bikini bod they have. As this article points out, in the end, we all fit into the same category: human. Their awesome article, “Scared to Wear A Bikini Or Be Naked? Read This Right Now!” has got all of the information and inspiration you need to find a bathing suit that fits you and that you feel comfortable in. Check it out to read more about how to have your best bathing suit season ever!

[Lead image via Dmitry_Tsvetkov/Shutterstock]

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