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Recap: The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 20 [A Bro’s Thoughts]


The highly anticipated backdoor pilot for Klaus’ spin-off, The Originals, has arrived. While it’s not an outright brand new show, the idea of adjusting some major characters away from Mystic Falls to take over New Orleans has potential for at least one entertaining half-season of television. Where they go from there is kind of a lost cause, but I guess that’s why I’m not writing the series (even though I would be awesome at it, let’s be real). Anyway, while the break from the Salvatores was welcome, it did feel a bit out of place given what’s been happening this season, but I guess that’s forgivable. It had a couple of bonkers plot twists and a nice set up for next week, so let’s get to it.

In Which Klaus Is A Baby Daddy Because Unprotected Supernatural Sex Always Leads To Bad Things

I feel like no one in Mystic Falls watched Twilight because they were like ‘YOU DON’T KNOW MY LIFE. YOU CAN’T TELL ME HOW TO LIVE.’ But just think, if Klaus sat through those abysmal movies all the way to Breaking Dawn (which I did because, well, you do a lot to make sure you wind up in bed with a girl at the end of a night, but that’s another story), the entire premise of the spin-off wouldn’t even be happening! There’s a lot to be asked in terms of Klaus as the main character of a series, which is why I guess in the grand scheme of things, the spin-off worked. Hayley, who was once Tyler’s slam piece of all things, is Klaus’ baby momma, and well, it’s kind of a messy situation. It makes you wonder very specific things:

1) How will Klaus be as a Dad?
2) Does Klaus even want to be a Dad?
3) Will Klaus raise the kid to be a murder price 2.0?
4) How much of his other family members will be involved with raising the baby?
5) How/Will Klaus tell Caroline about the kid?
6) Is Tyler gonna be pissed since he knocked up his slam piece after trying to steal Caroline after all this time?

All viable questions that could be spread out over a season’s worth of episodes. It’s also super convenient that during the end of the episode, they gave Klaus a Caroline lookalike named Cammy to bounce some meaningful allusions off of. While I know that the power struggle between Klaus and his sire Marcel is supposed to get everything off the ground, it’s the personality of Klaus and his weird idiosyncrasies and always choosing the hard path instead of the easy one that makes him such an intriguing character. Fatherhood can only enhance the depth that we already expect from Klaus, so kudos to the writers for taking a dynamic character and making him even more awesome.

In Which Hayley Got Knocked Up Because She’s A Huzzy

I have no sympathy for Hayley. First, the girl was slamming out Tyler Lockwood like all primal/feral style in the woods while they were breaking sire bonds. Then she comes to Mystic Falls, decides to make Caroline all pissy, works with Shane to cause a nice hybrid murderfest, then gets all sentimental about her family, and for whatever reason all this leads to her pent up horniness by making a break for Klaus one night. Because her entire character arc can be summed up in one nice kind of run-on sentence (see previous sentence) I really don’t care about Hayley. I don’t care that witches are threatening her life. I don’t care that she’s carry Klaus’ kid. I don’t care that she’s all of a sudden this pseudo-member of the Original family. She just carries this aura of unimportance and I don’t know if that’s because her American accent is so bad or if I’m tired of her puppy dog eyes or something, but they could have picked a better love interest than Hayley is all I’m saying.

In Which Marcel Is Supposed To Be Badass But Is Just, Like, Creepy and Lame

While I really dig the idea of one of Klaus’ sires rising to power and taking over a city he built after leaving it behind, Marcel’s antagonist to Klaus’ protagonist just doesn’t sit straight. Klaus dominates Marcel in every way with the exception of followers. And Klaus truly is immortal, so all it would take would be a couple of hybrid bites here and there, blame it on a stray, and voila! You’ve got yourself a hostile takeover. The magic controlling plot is intriguing, but it doesn’t make him evil. Once this series starts airing full time, Marcel has to do something super-evil to make him the true Big Bad. Otherwise he’s just going to be puffing out his chest and sucking up to Klaus and that’s pretty useless.

In Which Elijah Might Be The Dark Horse Of This Entire Spin-Off Idea

Elijah was pretty awesome in this episode. He murdered people. He gave mature advice. He made out with Katherine before kicking her to the curb. He convinced Klaus to be a father! Elijah has always been super absorbing in every moment he’s on screen, but this time, there’s something about him that just makes it seem that even though he’s preaching family and togetherness and all that jazz, something evil lies behind his eyes. I don’t see Elijah just calming everything down within The Original family just so he can be an uncle to Mystic Fall’s own Teen Mom 56 extravaganza starring his brother. Suffice to say, Klaus and Elijah are the two leads in The Originals, and they have the most potential, so I guess there’s another way the spin-off works.

All in all, you have some cool witches who want Klaus to eventually go on a supernatural murderfest, Rebekah mulling things over, New Orleans as the new place to be, and not a single mention of the now-annoying vampire ‘cure’ that’s been looming over this season. While the episode itself was bookended with The Salvatores convincing themselves they’ll have to torture Elena (finally), I have to admit that everything in between for a pilot was pretty solid. I’m intrigued to what will happen in New Orleans next and why, and I guess that was the entire point, right? Anyway, let me know what you think about The Originals either in the comments or on Twitter. Check out the preview for next week’s episode below: