The Most Delicious Sliders You Can Make With Wheat Thins

I think it’s safe to say that Wheat Thins are one of the best foods that have ever been invented. They’re a healthier option for late-night snacking than chips, and definitely taste better than just plain, boring crackers. Plus, they come in a variety of different flavors and are super easy to keep stashed in the food drawer in your dorm!

Luckily for all of the Wheat Thins lovers out there like myself, there are two new flavors to try: Honey Mustard and Chili Cheese. Although they would be great to eat by themselves, changing it up a little and adding some toppings just makes them taste even better.

So, in honor of these two new awesome flavors, we’ve decided to come up with some ideas for “Wheat Thins Sliders.” Give these options a try or test out your creativity and come up with some of your own!

1. Honey Mustard Wheat Thins with chicken, bacon, and cheese.

Chicken, bacon, and cheese are three ingredients that, simply put, just go together. Melting some cheese (of your choice!) on top of the Wheat Thins and then cooking up some chicken and bacon to put on top is a perfect way to enjoy the honey mustard flavor! For extra flavor, try adding some Ranch dressing for dipping sauce!

2. Chili Cheese Wheat Thins nachos.

Nachos are one of the most perfect college snacks. Only requiring a few ingredients, they’re ready to eat with practically no waiting time. Substituting Chili Cheese Wheat Thins in instead of the chips will help make them more interesting and add more flavor! Just add some melted cheese and salsa (plus peppers, beans, chicken, and guacamole if you’re getting fancy) and you’ve got a new type of nacho to try!

3. Honey Mustard Wheat Thins with chicken and avocado.

If you’re looking for a slightly healthier version of the first recipe (no bacon), try this one! Just cook up some chicken and slice some avocado as a topping! You can also substitute the chicken for cheese, or a vegetable of your choice, to make the recipe vegetarian!

4. Chili Cheese Wheat Thin “tacos”

Using two Wheat Thins as a type of “taco shell,” melt some cheese on one Wheat Thin and put whatever ingredients you’d like on top of the cheese. Then put the other Wheat Thin on top and you’ve got your own version of a mini taco! Some ingredients to put in the middle of the crackers: chicken, beans, and salsa!

5.Honey Mustard Wheat Thins turkey sandwich

If you’re scrambling to find a study snack for finals that will keep you energized, try this idea! Take your favorite type of cheese and put a few slices and a slice of turkey between two Honey Mustard Wheat Thins! Turkey is a healthy alternative to a lot of other foods, as it’s full of protein and doesn’t have too much fat!

6. Chili Cheese Wheat Thin “burritos”

A variation of the Wheat Thin “taco,” this recipe incorporates all of the best parts of a burrito (and is healthier!) Melt some cheese onto some cooked rice (a favorite snack of mine when I was little!) and add in your favorite burrito ingredients. Some suggestions are beans, spices, and guacamole. Put your burrito mix on top of the Wheat Thin and enjoy!

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