How to Make the Most of a Lazy Sunday

I feel like Sundays are used to be for rest and relaxation, and I am totally on board with that. I know we all work our asses off during the week, and we deserve to have some time to ourselves. But if you’re like me, you always need to be doing something or working on some sort of project. It’s hard for me to relax. In today’s society, we’re supposed to be always doing something. If we’re not, we’re lazy, but whatever happened to the beauty of Lazy Sunday?

Remember Lazy Sunday? That hilarious SNL skit with Andy Sandburg and Chris Parnell. Why can’t we have our Sundays be like that again? I long for the days of just laying in bed, watching TV, and eating cereal on a Sunday afternoon. I am here to bring “lazy” back! Here are some ways that we can all celebrate Sunday the way we should–with ultimate laziness! Yay!

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