Kris Jenner Gets Photobombed! [Candy Dish]

Aren’t we all a huge fan of the photobomb? Who doesn’t love ruining someone else’s photo for our own personal gain? And once celebrities like Tina Fey and Sasha Obama started doing them, I’m not sure that any of us could be stopped. We were going to photobomb, and we were going to do it well.

When I saw this photo of Kris Jenner peddling whatever crap she is peddling at the moment, I was less than thrilled–until I looked a little bit closer. That’s when I saw a girl in the background, making a hilarious face, and completely photobombing Kris Jenner’s Kodak moment. In reality, I’m sure Kris loved this because for her, any press is great press. And on the bright side for us, it’s just plain funny.

Check out the epic photobomb over at The Frisky!

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