Here’s The Weird Sh*t Celebrities Ask for In Their Dressing Rooms

Hearing the word “diva” immediately evokes a certain image in my head. I see an A-lister, after having just arrived to a movie set or show, instantly demanding that the temperature of the room be changed and whining and complaining that the M&Ms in the bowl haven’t been color-sorted correctly. I also see an Anne Hathaway-as-Andrea Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada-type character dropping things and running after the Meryl Streep-as-Miranda Priestley who needs her Starbucks and Harry Potter manuscript.

And as it turns out, the media hasn’t really misrepresented the fussy, demanding attitudes of Hollywood’s elite. Some stars just have, to put it eloquently, interesting taste. They know that they’re going to be provided with whatever they ask for on a show or movie set, so why not live it up and ask for what they really want? Of course, diva-ish behavior is not all that attractive and is most definitely annoying to those that have to field the demands. But I will admit that making a list of my favorite things and having them in a room when I got somewhere wouldn’t be all bad (Dunkin Donuts and Chipotle would be numbers one and two on the list).

In the world of celebs, these lists of requests are called riders and are given to the venue that will host the star prior to his/her arrival. So who has the craziest and most ridiculous of set of demands? Who’s riders are completely bizarre, even for an A-lister? Here is our list:

1. Lady Gaga

Reports of this eclectic singer’s rider include:

Wine, a humidifier, a DVD player, Red Bull Light with ice, unscented candles, veggie hot dogs, and an entire smoothie station. She’s also  has also recently requested a mannequin with pink public hair, cause, well, she obviously needs that?

2. Taylor Swift

Most of what the pop-country star wants are items my mom buys for me when she comes to visit me at college:

Butter, Twizzlers, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, Welch’s Grape Juice, 2 pints of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream (one Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and the other Chocolate Brownie Frozen Yogurt), Starbucks, an avocado, and Smart Water.

3. Beyoncé

B is the queen of pretty much everything, with queen-like requests to fit. She asks for:

The room to be at precisely 78 degrees, a catering table, seasoned chicken and vegetables, and only Pepsi products (at least she’s staying true to what she’s promoting).

4. Rihanna

Among the list of demands of this singer is:

A leopard or cheetah throw rug that’s clean enough for her to walk on barefoot, a peaceful ambiance, flowers (preferably white tulips, no foliage, and the vases have to be small, clear, and square), dark drapes in the room, and six candles.

5. Eminem

The rapper asks something that I was only allowed to have on field trips in elementary school:

Lunchables, soda, dumbbells, jumbo shrimp, banana peppers, Red Bull (sugar-free and regular), bottled water (but no Evian), and two loaves of bread (white and wheat).

6. Britney Spears

I’d want to hang out in her dressing room since she wants it stocked with:

Doritos, Cap’n Crunch, mints, Pop Tarts and Fruit Loops. There were also reports that there was a $5000 fine on her 2000 tour for any calls that came into the dressing room.

7. Will Ferrell

For his comedy tour for Semi-Pro, the comedian asked for:

A painted rainbow on wheels, an electric scooter, a Janet Jackson-style microphone headset, beer, soda, water, and protein bars.

8. M.I.A.

What the British artist asks for include:

Vodka, Red Bull, and absinthe. Oh, and a pair of dancers, ages 20-25, wearing Burkas.

9. Mariah Carey

The singer has very specific requests:

Drapes everywhere, a temperature of 75 degrees, fried chicken (warm), Gatorade (melon-flavored), gum (sugar-free), scented candles (vanilla), white roses, protein drinks, and bottles of water (at that room temperature of 75 degrees).

10. Sir Paul McCartney

If you’re a Beatle, you can pretty much ask for whatever you want, and he does:

Halogen lamps, three flower arrangements (lots of foliage, contrary to Rhi’s request), a lot of plants (but no trees!), animal-free materials on the furniture, no fake animal prints, and twenty towels.

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