Farrah Abraham Sells Her Sex Tape For About $1 Mil

We’ve been chronicling Teen Mom’s sex tape/porno debacle and it’s finally come to a close. Farrah has sold her porno that she claimed totally wasn’t a porno. The video has sold for nearly a million dollars to Vivid Entertainment. After denying that she had a sex tape, then admitting she made one with James Deen, then saying it was for her private collection – Farrah has sold the tape for money and distribution. This was plainly her plan all along. The adult film will be called, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.”

When Cosmo magazine asked Emma Stone what kind of makeup she thought boys liked, she replied: 

” I could care less. I think women should wear whatever makeup they want for themselves. Makeup should be fun.”


Federal Student Loans will now take same-sex marriage into consideration. If you have two parents of the same sex, this could cause you to receive less student loans because loan services will take into account both incomes. Even though your parents can’t get married? /eyeroll 

You can now get high off of flowers. 

“According to a CBS News report, a hallucinogenic high is achieved by smoking, snorting, eating or drinking the roots, leaves, seeds and flowers of any plant in the Datura family.  These potentially deadly plants, which are in season in the summer, grow almost everywhere and are highly toxic.”

I always loved mother nature.

Here is a Ryan Lochte/Usher ‘Jeah’ mashup.


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