This Post-Grad Invented A Phone Case That Could Save Your Life

Walking anywhere in the dark along is scary for anyone, especially women. I live in a small Chicago suburb with relatively low crime rate, but I still get jumpy walking across campus after a late night at the library.  I have some pretty intense mace that a family friend bought for me, but I have always heard that most often women get those types of defense mechanisms turned on them in times of an attack (no, thank you).

Looking at how far we’ve come with technology in the last decade, it was only a matter of time before safety got linked to that small piece of technology we carry around everywhere: cell phones.

While walking home late one night alone, 25-year-old Ellen Page called her dad to keep her company and give her a little security. While talking to her father, they realized that even if something did happen to her, her father wouldn’t be able to do anything. Page and her father then created what they thought was a more realistic tool for dangerous situations: the Coyote Case.

This isn’t your average OtterBox (although it is pricier…if that’s possible…it is on presale for $99, but will eventually get to $129). The case they have created can send out an alarm as loud as a car alarm and also send out signals of your location to a pre-specified list of contacts. You just have to turn a large dial then squeeze two buttons on the outside of the phone. Some consumers love the idea, but feel like the process is a little too advanced for someone to do while being attacked. Page mentioned that the difficult part was finding a way to release the alarm and signals in a way that won’t just activate while in a pocket.

I personally think this is a great idea, and it has been a long time coming. Technology can do so many pointless things that I think we take for granted the fact that it can actually really improve the safety and quality of life as well. Way to go Ellen!

What do you guys think, is this going to pave the way for a whole slew of security options with cell phones? Would you invest? Let us know below!

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