What Star’s Doctor Tells Them Their Sex Life Is Their Workout?

So, movie stars obviously say some pretty messed up crap at times, even the ones we love and look up to! But there is one quote from a celeb that the Frisky posted today that just takes the cake. I know, some celebs are very open with their sex lives, especially ones with the specialty that this star has, but there is such a thing as TMI, even when you’re in the public sphere.

Guess which celeb is telling us that his sex maneuvers are doctor-approved! Read the quote below, tell us your guess, and click the link to see who this daredevil is!

“…My whole point is that because of the on-camera sex, I have this insane style of stunt sex. It actually is very physically strenuous. It’s a good workout. All the positioning and weird things. My doctor said so! Doctor-approved workout.”

Click here to read the full quote and find out who said it!

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