Jennifer Lawrence And Nicholas Hoult Are Back Together? [Sugar Binge]

Looks like Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have gotten back together after “growing apart.” I am sure it is hard for us muggles to imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to eat pizza and watch The Simpsons with Jennifer Lawrence for the rest of their life, so when the couple split it was surprising. The two handled it with grace, as you can tell from the lack of media reporting and controversy around the decision. However, right now, it’s looking like J-Law and Nicholas-H are getting back together. They could still just be friendsies but The Daily Mail is reporting, “But it seems Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult might be giving their romance another go, as the pair were photographed leaving a Hollywood restaurant together on Monday night following a romantic dinner date.”

In Other News

We’re pretty sure this “blind item” that we saw on is about Lady Gaga. If it is we hope she gets better.

“Which theatrical pop star who has been taking time off to heal from a physical inquiry has also been battling an add*ction problem – and checked into a r*hab center. One witness says the person was almost unrecognizable without all the costumes, wigs and makeup. But was serious about getting help. In the past this person has admitted using dr*gs and drinking, but didn’t want the fact that they went to get treatment to be announced, so they did it undercover while the public and press were focusing on a different medical issue.

Pop Star:

Physical injury:

It sounds a lot like Gaga since she has had recent hip surgery and has admitted to being addicted to cocaine and alcohol in the past.

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