In More Bizarre Celebrity News: Beyonce Insists Upon RED Toilet Paper According to Her Tour Rider

I am sure at some point in our adult lives, we have all been demanding/whiny/needy. It’s perfectly understandable. For example, when I come home from college on break, I expect a ton of good food to be waiting for me to devour and I expect my parents to not wake me when I don’t get up until 1PM the next day. Yes, to some, these are unreasonable, but hey, at least these are “normal” demands!

However, if someone said they won’t be able to do anything until you give them RED TOILET PAPER, how would you look at them? My response would be, ummmm, yeahhhh, no. Get out and I’ll find someone else. However, it appears that this is one of Beyonce’s tour demands revealed in her tour rider. Why in the world does she need red toilet paper?

The list doesn’t stop with the red toilet paper. She also requires that her crew be given 100% cotton clothes to prevent herself from getting an allergic reaction. What if her crew is allergic to cotton? She also “needs” a special alkaline water that is served at precisely 21 degrees. I wonder how she knows if it’s at 22 degrees…

Getting to her dressing room, Beyonce demands that the walls be freshly painted white and a new toilet seat installed. I am sorry, but she needs to come down from Cloud Nine and remember that first and foremost, she is human too contrary to popular belief.

The only “reasonable” demand I can see on her list is banning junk food. That I can understand and relate to!

Okay, I realize that all celebrities are demanding, and singling her out is is “mean.” She is performing in front of millions of people and needs to be in the right state of mind. However, take a look at the the list of weird things celebrities ask for in their dressing rooms, and tell me who you think is the most demanding/ asks for the weirdest items!

[Lead image via MarFot/Shutterstock]

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