The 16 Types Of People You’ll Always See At A Coffee Shop (Which One Are You?)

Two reasons why I hate winter is 1. the cold and 2. how its gets dark by 4 p.m. Well, during college, in order to combat the two and make myself feel better, after dinner, if I had a long night of studying ahead of me, I would walk to the nearest Starbucks with all the textbooks I needed. I would order my tall double mocha with whipped cream and crawl up in front of the fireplace.

For some reason, I always positioned myself to have a clear view of the door. As the night went on, hundreds of people would walk in and out of the door and when I needed a break, I would sneak a peek at everyone sitting around me. In my opinion, coffee shops are one of the best places in the world to people watch, and even though it’s wrong, to ease drop on people’s conversations. You have to admit. The conversations that go on in a coffee shop are some of the best/strangest/most shallow conversations you have ever heard!

So, when I stumbled upon the Frisky’s list of “16 Types of People You’ll Always See At A Coffee Shop,” I couldn’t stop laughing because they were all sooooo true. Check the list out for yourself and tell me which ones you have seen!

[Lead image via Lucky Business /Shutterstock]

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