Dress Up For Derby Day with These Outfit Inspirations!

This weekend will be full of enjoying the beautiful May weather (er, studying, I mean) and getting some spring sun. It will also be the time of the 139th Kentucky Derby, the horse race that is hailed as “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports.” While picking out our favorite horse and cheering our jockey on is what the race is all about, the fashion of the attendees always steals some of the spotlight. From crazy hats to cute sundresses, Derby fashion is all about springtime colors and patterns.

So in honor of all things Derby, we’ve come up with three outfits that would be perfect for heading to the race! Whether you’re going full-blown Derby chic, or just dressing for a casual day at the track, we’ve got the look for you!

When You’re Looking for Comfort and Class

Decadence at the Derby

Fabulous Flats That Won’t Slow You Down

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