20 Flawless Dogs With Flawless Weaves

Azealia Banks calls herself ‘Yung Rupunxel” because of her amazing, long weave. Beyonce has had a few weaves (remember the ‘Ego’ video?) that were forces to be reckoned with. Britney has had a few eyebrow raising ones (not going to lie). A weave can be a beautiful thing: voluminous, luxurious and eccentric. Pet owners, like myself, are often psychotically obsessed with their pets and treat them like children so it only makes sense that we would want to deck them out in gorgeous hair pieces, wigs, weaves and extensions.

These flawless dogs sporting flawless weaves will make you squee and perhaps ponder if you have a healthy relationship with your animal of choice. I certainly do not. 😐

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