New TV Show Has Two Men Critique Women’s Bodies. That’s It.

Girls silently taking off their clothes, standing under a light, and having men critique their bodies while they stand there and say nothing. I don’t know about anyone else, but to me this sounds like the start to a horror movie. A terrible horror movie. But nope, this is a real-life TV show.

The Danish chat show is exactly as it sounds. The way that it works is this: women walk out in front of host and creator Thomas Blachman, along with another male judge, and are clothed with nothing but a robe. They then remove the robe silently, as both judges pretty much critique their bodies while they stand under a harsh light. The men are allowed to say whatever they want basically, with graphic comments about all parts of their bodies.

The show has obviously received negative attention from viewers and people who have simply heard of the concept. Some words being thrown around are “sexist” and “humiliating,” but I think that’s putting it lightly. Our society is plagued with the ubiquitous derogatory messages that the media throws at girls (and guys) at all moments of the day. Striving for perfection, including with our bodies, is something that is encouraged. A show that lets someone nitpick at every aspect of a woman’s body sends the message that the physical part of a girl is the only part that matters.

Blachman has been quoted justifying the show by saying, “The female body thirsts for words. The words of a man. And they went for it.” I’m going to venture to say that I have not and will never “thirst” for a man’s subjective and oppressive opinion of my body.

What are your thoughts on the show? Let us know below!

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