5 Festive Cinco de Mayo Drinks For Anyone Who Hates Tequila

It’s safe to say that in college, we find just about any reason (or holiday) to drink. I take a lot of pride in St. Pats and love to tell people they are posers because I am Irish and they are not. However, I’m not going to lie, I take advantage of a lot of things that aren’t rightfully mine (as far as celebrations go, I mean).

Cinco de Mayo is this Sunday, and I certainly don’t have an ounce of Latina in me, but I still love all of the food! I also looooooove the margs, but I know there are some lightweights out there that just can’t handle the José… Just kidding, I know tequila just isn’t for everyone! So, we have constructed five “cinco” drinks without tequila that will still get you in that party mood!

If you’re feeling some rum:

I, personally, am always feeling some rum. If you’re in this kind of mood, try our Rum Sunrise. Get some Bacardi Citron, some orange juice (you could spice it up with pineapple orange or cranberry orange if you’re daring!), and some grenadine (or just use the juice from cherries to garnish). This is the perf drink to choose if you’re day drinking, you can wake up with it!

If you’re feeling some vodka:

Traditionally a “Paloma” is tequila with grapefruit juice and lemon lime soda….but here we’re going to make some “Pamelas” and throw in some original Smirnoff instead of Jose to get the party really started. I love grapefruit juice and the soda will help take the edge off of the alch!

If you’re feeling some wine:

Even though this is a holiday technically attached to Mexico, I think bringing sangria into the mix is still appropriate. I love white wine sangria. I’d choose your favorite pinot or moscato, poor it into a large pitcher or jug, add in your favorite lemon lime soda (not too much!), maybe add a splash or two of your favorite juice, then my absolute favorite step: throw in your favorite fruits! My fam loves all the berries with this one, but really you can get creative!

If you’re feeling some beer:

Although I am going to regret this, my boyfriend actually had a good idea…just one time. Him and his friends make buckets of mixed drinks and share them, but this recipe in particular (that I thought would blow up in their faces) was actually a success. We’ll call this recipe “beach bucket” in honor of them. They take about fifteen beers and poor them in a bucket, followed by a can or two of their favorite concentrate juice (or whatever they seem to be feeling that weekend), then they pour in a fifth of a cheaper vodka. It is really strong so drink it slowly, they have done some damage (to themselves and others) by going too hard.

If you’re feeling pretty much everything:

For all you little alchies that just want to get rid of everything you’ve got in your dorm room before you leave for the summer, we’re going to call this one the Long Island kitchen sink. You’ll need rum (of course, my fav), vodka, brandy, and gin for the alcohol. Then Coke and lemon juice. Basically, just put equal parts in of the alcohol and then add the mixers until you can stand the concoction. 🙂

We hope you all have a fun (and safe!) Cinco de Drinko this weekend! Tell us below if you’re trying any of these recipes or if you have others to share!

[Lead image via cvalle/Shutterstock]

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