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Kristen Wiig’s “Girl Most Likely” Looks Like It’s Going to Be Amazing


Bridesmaids was quite possibly the best toilet humor chick movie ever. It’s nice to have hilarious females in hugely successful films sometimes. This made me love Kristen Wiig, and I am soooo excited that she’s at it again with a new movie this summer.

Wiig stars in and is an executive producer for Girl Most Likely. She plays a playwright that fakes a suicide attempt to try to rekindle a romance with her ex-bf (not the best idea, I’d just try to find someone hotter). She ends up in the care of her go-go dancer mother (whom she hates) instead. Her mother is played by Annette Benning, and I can tell she’s going to give Wiig a run for her money in terms of audience laughs. I can’t wait to see it!

Click here to see the full trailer!

Are you guys excited for Kristen’s new movie? Do you think this film will compete with Bridesmaids‘ success?

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