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Director Tells Ryan Gosling to Find the Sexuality in Violence. We’re All Confused. [Video]


So, I’m not sure what is with Ryan Gosling lately with all the bad ass, yet surprising, roles he has been playing (what happened to my Noah!?). I was really surprised to see him inĀ The Place Beyond the Pines, and evenĀ Drive was a little shocking. I’m not saying he isn’t attractive, or successful, in these roles at all, ladies (before all you crazies chop my head off). I’m just letting you know that there is another dark role coming up in his repertoire.

I just heard of Gos’ new film Only God Forgives. Not guna lie, the trailers really don’t tell me what the plot is exactly, but I’m completely okay with that because I still get to watch Ryan Gosling beat the crap out of someone, and that is attractive. After a little active researching (because the trailer gave me nothing), I learned that the film follows Julian (Gosling) as he attempts to find the person that killed his brother. He also apparently owns a boxing club that is a cover for his fam’s drug smuggling business (charming).

Through some sleuthing, CollegeCandy found this lovely behind the scenes footage of director Nicolas Winding Refn telling Gos about the sexuality of violence. I don’t know if this bro hasn’t been around for a while, but pretty much anything will be sexy if Ryan Gosling is doing it. Check out the video below, then let us know if you can tell us what the hell is actually going on:

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